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"While price should never be the measure of a microphone, it can certainly be the measure of a great deal and, at the current street price, these mics are a great deal."
Slau Halatyn runs Be Sharp Studios in New York City.
"I'm particularly fond of the stereo mics: the MC48 for its sweet sound and adjustable versatility and the MC404 for its quirky uniqueness and, yes, lack of versatility."
Rob Tavaglione
Catalyst Recording in Charlotte, North Carolina. www.catalystrecording.com
"The Nevaton MC404 is a fantastic microphone that makes it easy to get a stereo recording. All you need to do is walk around the room and listen for the spot that sounds the best and put the mic up. Simple! This has become a "go to" microphone for me because it sounds great with no coloration."
Drummer/Percussionist, Sound Designer, Producer/Engineer (BFD2, JEX, Decatom, Modern Drummer)
"… I positioned the 404 with it[ Roland Jazz Chorus 70 guitar amp] and the centers of the two speakers forming an equilateral triangle. I feared I might get a hollow center or excessive stereo imaging, so imagine my surprise at finding a sufficiently strong middle, super width, detailed and fluid imaging… and absolutely no EQ required!"
Matt McGlynn
Founder of Recordinghacks.com
During the brief time I've spent working with the MC51, I've thoroughly enjoyed its warm, revealing sound and its versatility.
Paul White
Nevaton MC 49 was one of the best out of 60 small-diaphragm condenser microphone shootout of Tape Op Magazine!
Mike Jasper
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