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Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The Nevaton MC49 is a high-quality, small-diaphragm microphone used to record a wide range of instruments including strings, brass, piano, acoustic guitar, and drums. While the MC49 delivers exceptional quality for single instrument recording, it truly excels when used to record groups such as full orchestras, chamber ensembles, and string quartets. It is also extremely effective for sampling and capturing ambient field recordings. Nevaton MC49s are used in many major studios and concert halls around the world, including the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

The MC49 uses Class ‘A’ transformer-less circuitry and operates on 9-52V phantom power. its 20mm capsule has a flat frequency response and a dynamic range more than 120dB. The MC49’s excellent impulse response captures the subject’s finest details without coloration and its gold-sputtered, ultra-thin transducers pass an artificial aging process to ensure life-long stability.

Although unusual for a small capsule microphone, the MC49 has a dual-diaphragm design/ Each part of the MC49’s transducer is isolated and dedicated to its respective amplifier. This increases the sensitivity of the microphone up to 20mV/Pa, while continuing to handle sound pressure levels of 140dB. The MC49’s transducer is mounted with an elastic suspension system to significantly reduce vibration and handling noise. A switchable low-cut filter is provided to reduce low frequency interference and/or proximity effect.

The body of the MC49 is made of brass and is finished with dark gray non-reflective paint on an epoxy base. It is packaged in a fine hardwood box with a printout of its individual frequency response. An isolation clip in included. The MC49 is also available in stereo pair. Like all Nevaton microphones, the MC49 is 100% handmade, laboratory tested, and tuned with Brüel and Kjær equipment.

MC49 Technical Specifications

Electronic Characteristics
Acoustical operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Fixed directional pattern Cardioid
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Output sensitivity: 20 ± 2mV/Pa
Maximum SPL: 140 dB for 0.5% THD
Self noise (DIN / IEC): 17 dB-A
Nominal impedance: 50 Ω
Recommended load: 1 k Ω
Phantom powering: 9 - 52V
Current supply: 10 mA
Switchable Options
Pad: No
Filter / EQ: Yes
Physical Characteristics
Connector: XLR-5M
Weight: 7.04 oz. (200 g)
Length: 7.67" (195 mm)
Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.9" (23 mm)
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