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Large Dual-Diaphragm Stereo Condenser Microphone

The Nevaton MC47 is a large dual-diaphragm stereo condenser microphone with transformerless Class 'A' electronics. It functions in both Mono and Stereo mode with a variable stereo width from 0° to 90°. The MC47 is a solid choice for speech in mono-mode, male/female vocals, voice over, and postproduction. It also performs exceptionally when recording acoustic instruments such as cello, acoustic guitar and mandolin. Nevaton’s MC47can be used as a main microphone for recording orchestras, chamber ensembles, or pop concerts and can be used effectively for ambient field recordings.

It is also well suited for applications in radio and television broadcasting. The microphone has an excellent transient response, very low self-noise of 12dBA, and sound pressure level of 135dB. The two large 25mm diaphragms can both be summed up to mono, which doubles the output level without effecting the self-noise. The ultra-thin and gold-coated diaphragms are made of 3-micron polyethylene-terephtalate film and give the MC47 a brilliant, transparent sound. All capsule components have passed a special artificial aging process to guarantee long-term stability.

The internal construction is elastically mounted to attenuate vibrations and reduce handling noise. Additionally, the capsules are fixed on special dampers to further reduce mechanical noise. A small LED indicates the presence of 48V phantom power and confirms front position. All input transistors pass a special selection process to guarantee minimal self-noise. The microphone body is made of brass with a dark gray non-reflective paint finish on an epoxy base. A 3-layer metallic grille effectively protects the transducers from electrical and atmospheric interference and contamination from microscopic dust particles.

MC47 Technical Specifications

Electronic Characteristics
Acoustical operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Fixed directional pattern: 2 cardioids (stereo); cardioid, wide cardioid (mono)
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Output sensitivity (mono): 20 mV/Pa (via one channel only)
Output sensitivity (stereo): 10 mV/Pa
Maximum SPL: 135 dB for 0.5% THD
Dynamic range: 123 dB
Self noise (DIN / IEC): 12 dB-A
Nominal impedance: 50 Ω
Recommended load: 1 k Ω
Phantom powering: 48V ± 4V
Current supply: 10 mA
Adjustable capturing: 0° - 90°
Physical Characteristics
Connector: XLR-5M
Weight: 1 lb. 1.6 oz. (500 g)
Length: 9.8” (249 mm)
Body Diameter: 1.18” (30 mm)
Head Diameter: 1.96” (50 mm)
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