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The finest hand-crafted microphones since 1947

Nevaton is a Russian microphone manufacturer dating back to 1947, when an acoustic laboratory was established by the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association (LOMO). This laboratory researched and designed microphones for the Soviet film, broadcast and defense industries, including the renowned LOMO 19A19. In 1991, a new company emerged out of these structures - Nevaton LTD Enterprise, founded entirely by former LOMO engineers.

St. Petersburg is Nevaton's home base, its name originating from the Neva River that runs through the city. The plant contains an acoustic laboratory, including one of Europe's finest anechoic and reverberation chambers. Microphone components, such as brass housings, capsules, and even XLR connectors, are all made in-house to meticulous standards. All capsule components undergo an artificial aging process to guarantee long-term performance. Each microphone is hand-assembled, individually tuned, and then rigorously tested and measured, in a process requiring nearly two months.

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